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Glossary of Wine Terms

The world of wine growing and wine making has it's own set of terms and vocabulary which can seem a bit daunting to get your head around. Thankfully you don't need to know all these terms to enjoy a glass of wine. But in case you've ever wondered, here's our guide to some of the less accessible words, terms and phrases used in the world of wine. If you'd like to help us add to this list, please email your suggestions to

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Lees are leftover yeast particles from autolysis, which is the self-destruction of yeast cells by enzymes created from fermentation, during wine making. Lees are used in white and sparkling wines to add beneficial textures and flavours. They're generally a good thing if you're looking for a tasty wine with some complexity.

Viniculture & Viticulture

The scientific term “viticulture” refers to the science, study and production of grapes. The term “viniculture” also refers to the science, study and production of grapes for wine. The terms are used interchangeably by many. But in layman's terms, what tends to be meant is wine growing.

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