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Welcome to our site - we're pleased you found us. 

We’re Martin and Toby - best friends who have enjoyed drinking great wine together for over 20 years since our university days.

One day during lockdown in 2020, over a Zoom call and glass of red, we realised there were two problems that need solving for wine enthusiasts like us:

1. It often seemed like pot luck as to whether we'd choose an outstanding, average, or outright disappointing wine from the shop shelf or wine list; and

2. Finding wine in line with our values added another layer of complexity; what impact does wine production, packaging and distribution have on the planet? We couldn't find anyone specialising in wines from vineyards who operate in more sustainable ways.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We don’t buy into the construct that you need to be an expert pick out good wine. After all, how many people have the time to study whether 2009 was better a better vintage than 2008 on the left bank of Bordeaux? So, curation for quality is what we're all about. Selected by our experts, taste tested by you. 

And, we believe that with the right sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and by incorporating systems thinking throughout the entire supply chain, it's also possible to enjoy great wine without creating a hangover for the planet.

Our mission is to make exquisite sustainable wines mainstream. 

Our starting point is this online shop. Our aim is to introduce you to exceptional wines which are produced and distributed responsibly, at an accessible price for you while paying the farmers who make it fairly for their labour of love.

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This is just the start. Sign up to our mailing list if you'd like to follow our journey, follow us on Instagram or Twitter, or drop us a line: hello@collectivino.com


Martin & Toby, Founders of Collectivino

PS - If you like what you see please spread the word - the more demand we create, the more vineyards will join our collective, and the more we'll be doing to bring sustainable practices into the mainstream. 

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